Kate is a freelance travel writer, xenophile, avid list-maker and coffee lover. Luckily those things all go hand-in-hand, so here she is, adding her own smug thoughts about roaming the world to the already wondrous brimming cauldron of travel blogs.

Hailing from New Zealand, Kate was once a travel, entertainment and lifestyle writer for the Sunday Star-Times. She then moved in to the world of television publicity. Now she travels the globe with her husband, Ryan.

This blog is named Am to Pm as that title herds everything together in a neat little package. Arguably the best bits of travel involve waking up in a new place each morning and prepping for a fresh adventure (coffee in hand). What is better than wandering and people-watching, coming across little cafes and hole-in-the-wall street eats before hitting the pillow and recharging to do it all again?

Unless otherwise stated all images are Kate’s. If articles are the result of being hosted by a company, there will be a disclaimer but opinions are always independent.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to leave your own travel stories and tips – Kate is always hungry for more travel knowledge. And pain au chocolat; she’s always hungry for pain au chocolat.